“A deer knows it’s a deer. It has no inner conflict about its past, its purpose, its needs, or its destiny. It lives in the moment and is 100% resourceful at all times, minute by minute, its senses completely keen, its focus pure and unburdened.” Author Unknown


I work with individuals who enjoy being in nature and feel a deep connection with animals.

In addition to intuitive animal readings, I offer intuitive coaching.

Intuitive animal readings are filled with amazing new discoveries for you. Intuitive coaching helps you find clarity around an issue, event or situation in your life. I can help you bring your focus back on your inner wisdom, remember your energetic connection to all the living things and embrace all the love and support that has always surrounded you.


Some comments clients have shared:


Animal Communication

“I gained so much comfort from the reading with Petie. He has been with me for 11 years and I have learned so much about unconditional love from him and how he is helping me heal. He knows I will always be there for him and I know he loves me, no matter what.”

“Thanks to Monica for an amazing pet reading session. She helped me gain clarity in such a thoughtful and loving way, which led me to a place of deeper peace. After speaking with her, my energy shifted so much, and then Pierre’s energy shifted, too. So much anxiety and stress was lifted! Pierre is eating again, and although he’s still very sick, we feel calm and confident about what to do with him; one day at a time.”

“I can’t thank you enough for your insightful reading. You are so gifted and what you’re doing is going to help many people and their animal companions live a richer life together. I was truly moved and am looking forward to a deeper relationship with both of my kitties moving forward.”


Intuitive Coaching

“Monica’s work goes far beyond the surface of life into deeper parts of my whole life experience. She is a wonderful coach and has helped me with my most important relationship, which is with myself. She helped me to treat myself with respect and kindness, changing my mental self talk to the positive. Monica was outstanding in helping me establish healthy boundaries, which helped me in all of my relationships. As my view of myself has changed, my view of the world changed. I am fearless, peaceful and loving in ways I never could be before we worked together.”

“In the time I spent coaching with Monica, I found her to possess an amazing ability to see the big picture and delicate details. I often compartmentalize my issues, but Monica provided space and proved to have a strong handle on many of the ones I was dealing with. I found her coaching style to be tremendously supportive, warm, intelligent, and powerful—so much so that I underwent several major transformations in my life in a fairly short period of time. I am grateful to Monica for the impact her coaching has had on my life.”

“Working with Monica has made all the difference to me. In the face of my own adversities, she has offered excellent insight, kindness and compassion to me every step of the way. I have learned an enormous amount about myself and the abilities I possess. The energy techniques Monica uses to aid with healing and understanding have given me a much welcomed outlet for finding the peacefulness I have sought for so long. It has been my pleasure working with her and I now count her not only as a coach, but as a friend.”

“I found the information Monica provided during her style of coaching helped me to gain clarity about various events or situations in my life. It was fun for me to explore my life being coached by her. I learned some profound things about myself through Monica’s style of coaching. Monica is highly accurate and professional in her intuitive reading style and I enjoyed and trusted her process.”